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Silo Bag

Grain Storage Bags

In order to decrease the expense for the harvest storage and meanwhile, to uphold the quality for a long period of time, we introduce our 7 layer silo bag. These bags can store dry products such as wheat, maize, soybean, rice, barley, other grain products, and wet products like silage, biomass, forage among others, which can hold the materials up to 250 MT. The 7 layer lm is designed to withstand high puncture and dart impact especially in regions with severe climatic conditions.

We can design silo bags ranging from 8-10 feet diameters and customize the length based on specific requirements. Our In-house folding machine allows us to pack the silo bags in a folded manner for compatibility to load it on a bagging machine. The bags are finally folded and shipped in carton boxes for effective handling and transportation.


  • Excellent mechanical properties. Great resistance to punching and impact to the dart.
  • Proper temperature for the optimization of fermentation.
  • Minimum loss of nutrients in the conservation of the silage product.

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