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About Us

We create Specialised Films For Varied Agriculture Applications


We take pleasures to introduce ourselves as a renowned service provider by offering wide range of GreenPro Films, Nets & Fabrics. We are a one stop solution for advance technical textile and film used in the field of protected cultivation. STIPL is a leading brand which has been serving the farmers & Fabricators of the nation from last 8 years.

The company has grown from its humble origins into an industry leader in India by providing permanent and durable Agrotech solutions with innovation and customer satisfaction. By focusing on advanced technologies and outstanding talent, we offer a wide variety of agricultural nets and films.
Sheltertech India conferring Agritech solutions at almost every nook and corner of the country where our presence ensures the continuous availability, service, and support for sustainable materials and accessories. We provide solutions to a wide array of applications in a range of market segments.
At STIPL, our team is always at the forefront of technology with its advanced service for diverse applications. Our every product meets the international standard. With a great treasure of experience in the market, Sheltertech India is recognized as a leading brand for quality and service.

Sheltertech India has partnered with some of the renowned agritech product manufacturers GreenPro. GreenPro is known for its advanced protected cultivation product range including greenhouse materials and accessories including green net, mulching sheet, anti-insect net, silo bags, and more.
One-Stop-Shop For GreenPro Products

We have taken agricultural activities to another level with advanced cultivation protection products. If you are a farmer and looking for innovative solutions to protect the crops without using harmful chemicals, then we have a wide range of GreenPro products for you.
GreenPro products are manufactured in state-of-the-art 7-layer blown film plants. It makes sure that the finished products meet industry standards. GreenPro understands that when it comes to crops, a single or double layer of the product is not enough
Every greenhouse film, fabric, green net, or accessory is double-inspected just to make sure it is capable of protecting the crops against any harm. Different types of films and fabrics can be customized according to any application.
STIPL has stocked GreenPro products irrespective of the requirement you have. Ranging from greenhouse materials, aquaculture protection films, to roofing underlayment, we have it all.
GreenPro Films
Elevating crop yield, offering protection and fostering sustainable growth."
GreenPro Nets
Elevating agricultural protection, fostering healthy growth, and ensuring a bountiful harvest."
Weaving comfort, style, and durability into every thread, enhancing every moment.
Guarding growth, nurturing success: from seed to harvest

1 + years
we are serving the farmers & fabricators of the nation
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