Antistatic & Conductive Films

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Antistatic & Conductive Films

GreenPro offers many types of plastic films to deliver a range of electrical properties from anti-static to highly conductive. Properties are permanent and non-sloughing.

Anti-Static plastics deliver a surface resistivity of 109 to 1012 ohm/sq. These films provide a decay of static charge, from hundredths of a second to several seconds, preventing accumulations that could otherwise lead to discharge or the initiation of other nearby electrical events. GreenPro offers films in this range.

Available in translucent, colors, and black.

Static Dissipative plastics deliver a surface resistivity of 106 to 1012 ohm/sq. These films allow for the dissipation or decay of electrical charges at a much faster rate than anti-static materials, generally within milliseconds. Measured resistance is uniform and usually strong.

Conductive plastics deliver a surface resistivity of 101 to 106 ohm/sq. Decay rates measured in nanoseconds are instant enough to provide a ground pathway and bleed off stronger electrical charges.

Common Applications

    • ATEX area surfaces.
    • Electronics manufacturing and packaging – protect electronics
    • Medical trays and packaging – avoid static shock in operating rooms
    • Cleanroom – non-dust attracting.
    • Document protection

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